Alex Ferguson's Best Signings

#8 Brian McClair

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When a player earns the right to wear a Manchester United jersey, even for just a single season it is an honor. When he does it for 11 straight years, it’s just remarkable. Signed from Celtic, Brian McClair was a versatile forward who could play both as a winger and an attacking midfielder. Nicknamed “Choccy” by the Manchester United faithful, the Scotsman made 471 appearances and scored 127 goals during his stay. Although it wasn’t an excessive amount of goals that McClair scored for the Red Devils, it was their significance that puts him in this list. His winner in the Super Cup in 1991 and another in the League Cup were some of his noteworthy contributions. He pocketed 15 trophies in his 11 years at Manchester United, Including 4 League titles and 3 FA Cups.